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Heroes of The Canadian Comics!
Canada's Rogues Gallery
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A look at Canada's most famous super heroes...
The Rogues Gallery


The main arch-nemisis of Captain Canuck, Gold is a man of incredible genius, who first appeared in Captain Canuck #3 (but was hidden in the shadows), and continued on battling Captain Canuck until #6, as well as a cameo in #12. His main plan was for the conquest of Canada, attempting to start a civil war to do so. Gold is best rembered for his appearence, with a golden eye and golden plate on his head.


Conquermind is an alien being who is responsible for The Northern Light gaining his super powers (more on him later). In The Northen Light's final adventure, Conquermind and Northern Light have a (literal) battle of the minds. In the end Northern Light's will has stronger, and Conquermind was finally defeated.


Lex Luthor
Superman's main enemy Lex Luthor, when he was still drawn by Joe Shuster. Luthor first appeared in Action Comics #23 (April 1940). In one of Luthor's first schemes (Action Comics #47) he uses a meteorite called The Powerstone to give him powers similar to Superman's. Eventually, Superman managed to wrestle the stone away from Luthor. Since then, Luthor has continued on to plight Superman, using his incredible mind.